Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Little Cosy Box

After last months My Little Box I was a bit apprehensive about this month's offering. Having been disappointed it was the point of make or break as far as I was concerned but, when I saw the theme for this month was 'cosy' I had high hopes. (Spoilers ahead!)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Music | Professional Groupie

Seeing as I barely have time to post on here any more it seems only fair that I share with you a weekend I had skiving off coursework on a jaunt down to London. My boyfriend, Whelan's band, Parisian Youth Culture, had their first London gigs on the Saturday and Sunday and, given my obsession with the place, I invited myself along.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wishlist | New Look - The Coat Edit

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Bit of a funny question but at what point do we draw the line between jacket and coat? I feel like it's one of lifes big mysteries... though clearly I intend to find the answer in New Look's coat collection!

It's high time I got myself a new coat, and with so many different jacket trends about at the moment I'm a bit spoilt for choice. I'm a bit fed up of walking round in my slightly scruffy parka so I've been eyeing up the long-line blazer style pieces that have become so popular and would quite like having an array of colours. The pastel mint and lilac duo I've included here are something my boyfriend would despise but I love 'em, I do think though, that this nice camel coloured version would be a worth investment for when it comes to *shudder* job interviews when I'll be in need of something a little more neutral.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Beauty | Urban Decay Subversion with Cohorted

If make up were music mascara would be my jam. It's the product I always count as my desert island go to, the step in my routine that makes me look put together. I'll happily forgo other items in exchange for a quick slick of it so Urban Decay's latest mascara and lash primer duo, Subversion and Perversion, were high on my wishlist.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Life | Letting Go

I know, I know, a poor choice in title perhaps but it seemed fitting with what I'm talking about today...

Lately I've been clearing out a lot of stuff in my life, and not just material possessions. I've been making a conscious effort to get rid of the negative influences that I don't need to put up and, though I have a long way to go, I'm feeling a lot happier, lighter and a greater sense of clarity because of it.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pinspiration | Nails

Halloween went over my head this year through a combination of not being bothered and having other things on my mind. What I have been spending a lot of time doing instead of Halloween preparation is browsing Pinterest and it's struck me that I've never really shared with you what grabs my attention on one of my favourite websites.

Nails in particular are something I always get drawn to despite having very little skill myself in that department. Though I have a borderline crazy collection of polish I always tend to play it safe with nail art which is a habit I really want to try and get out of. Some of the designs I get drawn to look quite doable (the jewel tones and the ocean nails for instance) though others such as the lady bird and fox nails are something I'd need a little practice for. Either way, Pinterest always makes me feel lazy when it comes to my own talons!

If you want to see more of the nail designs that inspire me you can visit my 'Talons' board right here.
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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Zoella - The Perfect Role Model?

From a more favourable article in The Telegraph

There's been an article floating around that was recently published on the Independent, about everyone's favourite YouTuber Zoe Sugg. This has been shared by a few of my friends, all with varying levels of dislike for the beaty vlogger, prompting discussion over exactly how many of us actually can't stand the sight of her or think she's less than the perfect person she seems

Though I don't watch much of Zoe, other than her hauls. this isn't out of a dislike for her but more just that I don't feel part of her target audience. I have little time for Youtube Videos but when I do watch them I tend to gravitate more towards Essie Button and Fleur De Force's channels as they seem more aimed at an older audience rather than being full of advice for young teenagers like Zoe's is. This seems to be the journalist's main issue with Zoe as she is adamant that Zoe should be using her influence to promote a healthier approach to personal image.

With such a vast subscriber base, Zoe's advertising comes at a premium. Though she never speaks about money, if a claim made in this month's UK Vogue is anything to go by she can be paid a sum totaling more than my student loan for an advertising deal. Her subscriber count is at 6 million and the majority of these young girls will jump at the chance to buy the same products she raves about (even to the extent she has somewhat popularised mental health disorders) so it's clear to see why she is in such high demand, but it's the influence over her viewers self-esteem that the journalist really takes issue with.

I'm sure as many avid Zoe watchers know, seeing Zoe without makeup on is not an uncommon sight if you often watch her vlog channel. Though the writer seems to give the impression that Zoe is never without makeup this claim isn't completely true and alongside Zoe's frequent videos on self esteem (in which, granted, she is often wearing a full face of the stuff) it is possible to catch a glimpse of bare skin. Besides this point, who is to say that Zoe should not be able to wear make up when talking about self esteem? Though there are women on YouTube who do not wear makeup to film videos, Zoe is one of those that do. Yes, this may be because she is more comfortable made-up, but, just as the bare faced ladies have made a choice not to wear makeup, Zoe has also made a decision that deserves no less respect.

I think the article is very under-informed and malicious against Zoe and, to be honest, has more than a smattering of jealousy about it. Though Zoe has been born with the advantage of having naturally beautiful features and a tiny frame it is wrong to make her an easy target. I do personally feel that the YouTube culture is very messed up and "look at mee" nowadays, but an attack on individuals isn't acceptable.

Though it has opened an interesting can of worms, with many commenting on the article to reveal (shock horror) that not everyone even likes Zoella, it's extremely mean-spirited and shouldn't become habit. Zoe is a girl who started making videos in her bedroom and, basically, got lucky. Whilst One Direction aren't being held accountable for fans sending death threats, Zoe should certainly not be criticised for making videos about happiness. 

Has anyone else encountered this article? What are your thoughts?
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