Thursday, 5 March 2015

Life | 25 Before 25

My 22nd birthday is fast approaching, and by fast approaching I mean is only 5 days away. I feel like lately I've been getting on top of things a bit more in my life (with the help of a million to do lists) but still worry that my years of youth are running away from me and I'll never get them back... a bit melodramatic I know, but since the realisation that I finish uni this year has hit, the idea that I'm never going to have it so easy again is a bit daunting and I'm determined to make the most of life a bit more.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Student Life | Food Shopping on a Budget

As a student I've had to develop ways of shopping effectively on a limited budget whilst still managing to pick up everything I need for a balanced diet plus a few extra treats. When I can be bothered to do it it's an art I have down to a fine precision and I always kick myself that I'm not more strict more often. If anyone else finds themselves struggling with minimising their food costs I've gathered up what I think are my best tips for shopping on a shoestring.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Beauty | A Lot of Empty Bottles

There is something so satisfying about saving lots of empty bottles for a post like this - it's a very specific blogger type satisfaction that most my 'normal' friends wouldn't understand but hey, I've made my bed so I might as well roll with it. I've made it my mission to start using up a lot of my goo stash to clear up space in my little bedroom and help declutter my life. As such I have a pretty hefty basket of empties I am finally sharing with you today and blimmin 'eck does it feel good to be able to chuck all these bottles out! 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wish list | Skinny Dip Phone Cases

Since getting my iPhone C last summer I've developed a bit of a thing for a funky phone case (though according to my boyfriend that's an understatement). It's actually been a while since I've bought a new case so I think a new one is long overdue - thankfully after reading Zoe's post featuring some Skinny Dip cases I know where to look!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Student Life | How to be a (Good) Student Journalist

Student journalism can be a bit of a minefield. Half the people on your uni's English course probably vaguely state they fancy being a journalist after graduation but the amount of people who actually manage to get where they want to is very slim. Most universities now have both newspapers and radio stations, some even have their own TV facilities, but the amount of wannabe journalists who actually join them and work for them effectively is very small. 

As someone who is approaching three years as a student journalist with one year in charge of running part of a radio station, I'm as well qualified as any other student journalism veteran to give some pointers as to how to make the most of reporting for uni based media. I'm far from perfect and have my struggles day to day, but I've seen everyone from the quiet, hard working one to the hipster who thinks they know best and I'm pretty sure I've got the formula down.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

App Review | Headspace

Being someone with a busy mind that's always fretting and racing, when introduced to the idea of Headspace I was sceptical over just how much an app could help me relax and clear my brain. Headspace is an app designed to introduce you to meditation and train you to see your thoughts in a different way. As the app costs nothing to install and the ten session taster course is free I thought it would be worth a go to see how I got on with it.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Haul | Some Stationery Bits

Due to my ever dwindling bank balance, my haul posts are few and far between at the moment while I try and regain a sense of financial responsibility. However, seeing as they are often my most popular posts I thought I'd share a few small bits of stationery that I gathered up this last Saturday.

It started with a You Me At Six concert (they were fab, you can read my gig review on KUBE's website). On my journey back from my friends' flat in Salford to my dismal student halls in Stoke I took the long route and walked from Victoria Station to Picadilly, taking me past the biggest Paperchase I have ever seen. Seeing as I had been meaning to find one so I could buy some nice postcards it would have been silly to not go in and buy a few.