Moving On

Hello dear friends - it's been a while! I'm dropping by to say that I will now be blogging from

MeganRoisinn/London Callings served me well for a number of years but it's time for a little rebrand (combined with a Wordpress migration!).

Don't worry - it'll still be the same old Megan blogging at the other end of the internet! Most of my posts will still be available to read on Lucky Penumbra too, so it really is just a change of face.

I hope to see you there soon!

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Vichy Dermablend Review

I've been meaning to get Vichy Dermablend on my face for a while. Did this foundation's rep live up to reality?

When it comes to skincare, French brands have simply got it down. I’ve only been completely happy with my routine when a few French products have been thrown in so to say I was excited to try Vichy Dermablend* a try is a bit of an understatement.

Dermablend is designed with skin complaints in mind and provides a high-coverage, long lasting base. Vichy kindly sent over a tube of Corrective Fluid Foundation and a pot of loose setting powder from the range for me to give a whirl. My skin isn’t too bad at the moment but something I really struggle with is oiliness. Nars All Day Luminous foundation does a pretty good job at staying on my face all day but I’m always up for finding something that keeps me from being hugely shiny and, given that Dermablend is apparently a go-to for dermatologists and plastic surgeons, I definitely had high hopes!

How to Help Your Pet Through an Amputation

Helping a pet through an amputation is tough and there will always be tears all round. How can you help your animal bounce back?

This is a very odd post to write as I would hope that no one ever has to be confronted with this situation. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you'll know that one of my dogs has been through the wars lately and was diagnosed with bone cancer in his shoulder. Because he was very healthy, and there was no sign of spread, we decided to book him in for an amputation. It's been a difficult time for us and a very steep learning curve so I'm writing the blog post I wish I'd read beforehand. 

Things to be Grateful for in February

February was a marked improvement on January, it must be said. There's plenty for me to be grateful for and sing about at the moment!

I Got a Job!

Obviously getting a job was the highlight of February! As you know, if you've followed my blog for a while, I've really been struggling to find employment so to have finally been offered a job that is interesting, creative and lets me work with some awesome colleagues is nothing short of a miracle. I've only been there three weeks but so far it's been great... believe it or not most my time is spent on company blog posts! Winning.

What I Read This Month #02


I managed to get a few more books ticked off my reading list this month, but what has stood out for me?

Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding

I feel that I should have read this years ago but better late than never! I mentioned last month that I was reading Bridget Jones's Diary and I'm pleased to say it lived up to its reputation. Bridget Jones's Diary proved to be a delightful light read that was just as charming as the films and, despite having seen them many times before, there was plenty to surprise me still. 

I'd like to get cracking with the sequels now too, particularly as the third follows a different path to the upcoming film (also something to look forward to!)


The Secret Shy Girl


What happens when the shy girl grows up? At some point my shyness became a secret, and not one I know how to manage

Once upon a time, when I was a young school girl in uniform, my defining feature would have been my shyness. I have former classmates who, when I see them out and about, have no flicker of recognition whatsoever and on multiple occasions they've been asked how I know our mutual friends from school when we were all in the same lessons just a few years ago.

Nowadays there seems to have been a shift in the general perception of me. Those who are closest to me know that I am very introverted by nature but others, who are just getting to know me or have only ever been acquainted with me from a distance now seem to think of me as outgoing. Being voted 'Most Friendly' in my block last year came as a pleasant surprise... on the first day I genuinely considered never leaving my room out of fear of awkward encounters with blockmates who were mostly 3 years younger than me!

Tattoos and the Internet

The internet is a great source for tattoo inspiration but outright copying someone else's design is the ultimate no no.

I absolutely love my tattoos. Most of them represent a lot of time invested by both me and the artist and there's nothing I love to show off more about my body than the beaut artwork I have invested in, but in the age of social media I have to be careful. This may sound like an overreaction, but I live in fear of my tattoos being copied. No matter how warped or awkwardly I angle a photo, there will be a risk of someone coming along and deciding they want my tattoo too. All it now takes is a browse of Instagram and a naughty artist to get a line for line attempt at a copy, something that often fills me with dread.

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