Saturday, 18 April 2015

Why You Should Vote

I know, you're probably sick of hearing this by now, but if you are over the age of 18 in the UK you will soon have the chance to vote for the man or woman you feel should occupy 10 Downing Street for the next 4 years. At the last election non voters outnumbered the number of voters for the Conservative party. More people DIDN'T EVEN VOTE (15.9m) than VOTED FOR THE MAN RUNNING THE COUNTRY (10.7m). I think that is an absolutely disgraceful number - so many of those people probably didn't vote because they 'didn't think it would make a difference' yet the sixteen million of them could easily have swung the election! Clearly something needs to be done to encourage people to a) vote and b) see more clearly which party they want to back.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Three Ways to Cope When it's All Too Much

As a third year uni student juggling two intense hobbies and a part time job, I know more than many how stressful life can be when everything starts building up at once. It gets to a point where you can barely think straight and are almost gasping for air under the weight of your commitments and things start getting hazey. Likewise, having had to see a counselor for social anxiety I know well the stressful feeling of really, really not wanting to be in a social situation without being able to see a way to escape. I've learnt to cope a little with these different stresses, or at least relieve myself of them a little and, though not groundbreaking steps, I like to think that many of us could benefit from my words of almost-wisdom.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Worth the Hype? NYX Butter Gloss

After my feature on Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream, the latest in my 'Worth the Hype' series goes to a more budget friendly brand NYX. Though not as widely available in the UK as we'd all like, much has been said about the NYX Butter Glosses which are supposed to give the most wonderful glossy texture that isn't sticky and actually feels nice on the lips. Given my aversion to sticky glosses I thought these would be worth a try so tracked down a seller and handed over the few quid to finally try one for myself.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ten Pretty (and Free!) Handwritten Fonts

I like to think that in the magic land of 'the future', when I have more time to blog and potter about online, I'm going to be thrusting myself into the designing side of things far more. I've been building up a collection of fonts (I can't be the only one who does this?) and thought I'd share with you all a few of my favourite (free) hand written ones. Links have been provided to relevant authors and download pages, simply unzip the file on your computer and install from there. Some may have restrictions in their licensing go so make sure you have a read through before using them unfairly!

             Tamoro Script | Austie Bost Versailles
                         Roskrift Clean | Dawning of a new day          
           Janda Stylish | In Screaming Color

Which is your favourite? 

London Callings

Monday, 6 April 2015

Beauty | A Little Colour Tattoo Haul

I'm not completely sure why, but my local Morrisons seems to be selling off its stock of Maybelline Colour Tattoos for half price at £2.49. Whether this is a nation-wide thing or just this particular branch trying to get rid of stock I'm not sure, but I took the chance to get a few shades that I'd been eyeing up; Turquoise Forever, Vintage Plum and Creamy Beige.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Student Life | Things I'm Going to do After Graduating

So it's official - I'll be graduating at 10.15 on Tuesday 14th July. Having been attending school/sixth form/uni for 18 continuous years now I feel the time has come for me to turn my back on educational institutions for now and at least give myself a years break before considering a teaching qualification or masters. For now though, I'm thinking about all the things I can't wait to do in the short term after I hand in my final dissertation.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Best Bits

I think I actually forgot to do a favourites post last month but such is my way - if very little stands out to me then I rarely do a favourites post for the sake of it. Normally this means when I eventually do them they end up being a collection of things over the past two months but hey ho, rather be recommending things I actually love instead of just stuff I think is okay!

I've managed to get a lot of books read this month, compared to normal anyway, but White Teeth by Zadie Smith was by far the best. I won't dwell on it as I reviewed it two days ago but please don't put off reading this like I did because it's soo worth the 500+ pages!