What I'm Listening To #1

If there's one thing I'm happy with about myself it's my music taste and what I'm listening to, which is good because it's what I want to make a career out of. I said I was looking forward to sharing more music here after leaving KUBE though I'm (shockingly) still left to actually do that. At this point, for all you guys know I could obsessively listen to German Hip Hop (I don't) so maybe it's time you had an insight into what is currently getting a lot of plays from me on Spotify.

Food | Bol Veg Pots Review

I was so disappointed when Innocent, the brand behind the smoothies we all know and love, announced they'd no longer be producing their microwave vegetable pots. Though they were expensive, they were really tasty and nice to have for an occasional treat when you couldn't really be bothered with making lunch. However, I needn't have worried as Paul, the man behind Innocent's food range, has gone solo to continue producing them under a new independent brand - Bol.

Though I haven't had an Innocent pot for a while I thought I'd pick up a couple of the new range of Bol pots to give them a try and see if there was much difference. It seems like loads of other people had the same idea though as when I got to Tesco the shelf was almost clear with only the Singapore Noodle and Thai Coconut Curry pots left! No matter, these were definitely flavours that tempted me so in the basket they went!

Going Plastic Bag Free

Photo - Michael Whelan, Canvas tote - Primark (old season)
I'm a big collector of tote bags but until recently never really used them for their full potential. Generally they've just been hanging off a peg on my door in a sort of master tote bag with me convincing myself that they were being useful. However, as of late I've been getting increasingly fed up with plastic shopping bags so my small army of canvas alternatives have come into their own.

A New Look

I'm sure you will have noticed that with this post comes a new look for London Callings. I've been wanting a new layout for a few months now and have been umming and ahhing over many different designs, before realising that I needn't have looked further than one of my favourite bloggers, Beth of Alphabeth.

If you know of Beth's blog I'm sure you will have noted the simple yet pretty design. I've long admired her blogging style and was really excited to find that she not only sells gorgeous literary bookmarks on her Etsy store but a few blog templates too!

I Graduated!

So here we are, the official end of my undergraduate degree. On Tuesday the 14th July I graduated from Keele University with an upper second class honours degree in English and Film Studies. For most people graduation is a celebration of the time they've enjoyed at university with the people they've met along the way but for myself it was a celebration of the fact I was finally escaping.

For the most part, I did not enjoy university. Whether it was Keele in particular (and the various parts of it that failed to notice I existed despite my best efforts) or just the attitude of university students in general, most of it just did not sit right with me and I am so thrilled to be leaving it behind. There will be no more slaving over essays to get grades that don't reflect the work put in (I had marks reduced in my dissertation for a 'spelling error' that was actually correct), no more working hard on student radio just to be taken for granted and no more feeling like a loner surrounded by thousands of people. I'm not bitter about it any more, it's just a matter of fact that I didn't like university very much in the end and I'm very happy to be leaving with what I went there to achieve in the first place; namely a degree that should make me a smidge more employable.

My boyfriend Whelan has has a pretty similar experience to me so we shared the same sentiment that day. However, despite the apathy towards Keele we had to admit we looked pretty swaggin', with the Sugarhill Boutique dress that's been waiting in my wardrobe for months matching pretty nicely with his blue Next suit and floral tie & pocket square. It's safe to say we 100% styled it out!

Apparently I pretty much ran from the front of the chapel to my seat once I'd got my handshake which I am sure I'll be reminded of for the rest of my life but, frankly, I was just happy it was over and done with. I genuinely felt like a child playing dress up... and I sort of looked like one too with the academic gown practically drowning me! Having said all this, I didn't have toooo terrible a time  on graduation day and if I do a masters I might even bother going to the ceremony for that!

I am now officially a university graduate... can I move on with my life now?!

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The Goodreads Reading Challenge - Halfway Through

It must be said that I am a speedy reader. Despite this, I was rather late in joining up to Goodreads at the end of last year, having always thought about signing up then never actually getting round to it. When talk was going round about the Goodreads Reading Challenge though I was 100% up for it to see just how many books I could get through in a year.

I aimed for 50 books as I wanted to try and read a book a week (with a bit of leeway) and it's going very well. I am currently at 28 books with one on track to be finished soon so am even managing to run ahead of schedule! I've not done a run down of book reviews on my blog for a while but rather than talk about the 10+ that I've failed to report on, here are the selected highlights.

The Sunday Post | When Pets Get Old

Unfortunately it is a fact of life that if you own a pet, unless it's a tortoise, you are most likely going to outlive it. Cats, dogs, rabbits and all manner of furry and scaly creatures can become such a big part in our lives and the moment you realise that Lucky or Mittens isn't the sprightly animal of their youth it can make you a little sad.

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