Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment


Have I found the sweetest smelling Lush product yet? One experience of a Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment says yes!

Lush's flagship Oxford St store saw a lot of changes for the well-loved cosmetics company. Huge bottles of Comforter Shower gel, paper soaps and even more innovative bath bombs now grace their shelves, along with a new line of luxury bath oils including the super sweet Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment.

You may well be familiar with MMM's previous incarnation in Lush's bath melt line. Since the revamp the previously retro looking melts have been reinvented into a new, more intense formula; though these bath oils may be small in size they now pack a much bigger punch and are more than worth £2 a pop for an occasional treat.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide*


If you've been struck by Cupid's arrow you may be searching for the perfect Valentine's gift. Allow me to introduce the perfect selection of loved up presents.

Me and Whelan don't really do Valentine's Day; what with our anniversary being in January and both our birthdays falling in March, four months in a row of gift giving and celebrations seemed a bit much, but that certainly doesn't stop me from drooling over the abundance of Valentine's day goodies!

Things to be Grateful for in January


January may have provided me with a rocky start to the year health-wise, but there was still plenty to be thankful for.

January actually provided me with a difficult start to my year of gratitude as I was hit with a horrible ear infection almost instantly! Nonetheless, I'm remaining true to my quest in looking on the bright side and have found plenty to be grateful for over the past month.

What I Read this Month #01


I'm going for quality rather than quantity in the books I read this year, January proved to be a promising start!

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

I've already spoken about Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children in my 2015 reading highlights and the final book in the trilogy, Library of Souls did nothing to dampen my opinion towards peculiardom. I would like to do a more in-depth look at the series as a whole soon, maybe in the run up to the film release later this year, but meanwhile I can certainly tell you that it is a must read for lovers of quirky stories.


Spectacles by Sue Perkins

Naturally I don't want to dwell too much on Spectacles as I've already done a full review but Sue Perkins's autobiography was definitely a great start to my reading year and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


In Progress

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding

I'm in the process of ticking Bridget Jones's Diary off the list of books I wanted to read this year and will also use it to contribute to the MMD Reading Challenge as 'a book I've been meaning to read'. I'm obviously very familiar with the story, having done the very typical film and ice cream binge after a break up, but it's nice to be able to read the original at last. More on this next month when I'll hopefully have finished it!

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The Print Wall


Me and my boyfriend may be stuck in his tiny room but a print wall lets me put a stamp on it too.

Although me and Whelan have been living together for a few months now, we're still under his parent's roof and the small space we occupy is definitely his room more than mine, no matter how much make up I leave lying around! To try and bring a little more of my personality to the decor in a temporary way I've started a wall of prints and postcards that's colourful enough for me to feel responsible for whilst being neutral enough in taste for Whelan to enjoy too.

Cheerful Bloggers for 2016


We all have bloggers that brighten our day, these three lovely ladies never fail to bring some cheer to my feed!

One blogger faux pas I'm certainly guilty of is neglecting to share blogger love as often as I ought to. Despite following plenty of wonderful blogs I never seem to remember to pass on the good word as much as I'd like to say I do! To kick off 2016 I considered it a good idea to share a few bloggers guaranteed to bring you positivity for the new year.

Book Review | Spectacles, a Memoir by Sue Perkins

On your marks, get set, bake read! The wonderful Sue Perkins kicks off my 2016 book reviews with Spectacles.

After sharing what I received for Christmas on my blog I was inundated with requests for a review of one present in particular. Sue Perkins' autobiography, Spectacles, seemed to intrigue so many of you that I'd feel a bit mean if I didn't review it and, unsurprisingly, I'm giving it a very warm reception!

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