Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Haul | Books, Books and More Books

The used and new section on Amazon is a dangerous place. With so many books being sold so cheaply it becomes easy to get carried away adding new books to your basket until you find yourself with a whole new bookshelf that you have little time to read! In the spirit of trying to spend my money on things I have wanted for a very long time rather than impulse purchases, these books have been on my wish list for a very long time. It's almost a relief to have them sat on my shelves now!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Worth the Hype? Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

If you're a blogger then you've heard of this perfume. Marc Jacobs was THE scent of last summer and had the internet going gaga at its pastel blue feet. Having admired from afar since its release I was given a bottle of my own for my birthday and could finally smell like all the bloggers we know and love... Because that's not a weird thing to say!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Blogging | My Little Blog Turns Two

Two birthdays in one month? Now that does seem to be spoiling myself! No presents for this one though as it's actually just my blog's 2nd anniversary (though I somehow simultaneously feel like I've been doing it for ages and not long at all!).

Friday, 20 March 2015

Exante Diet Solutions

When I was approached by Terri and asked if I wanted to try out some products from Exante, a weightloss scheme, I had mixed feelings. On one hand I'd been getting a bit porky lately and could do with something to help shed a few pounds, but on the other I thought there might be a bit of a stigma attached to it that would be more difficult to shake. In the end, approaching the experiment as one in student eating seemed like the best option so I set out to see if diet plans can be used effectively for a busy student's eating habits.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Wishlist | H&M Homeware

Black Striped Cushion, Yellow Striped Cushion, Gold Cushion, C'est La Vie Cushion, Gold Tray, Gold Mirror, Gold Tea Light Holder, Marble Pot, Glass Jar, Marble Plate, Gold Basket
Marble, gold and geometry are a bit of a thing at the minute aren't they? My 'Interiors' Pinterest board has moved away from the vintage/shabby chic theme of old to take on a far sleeker and minimalist appeal with a Scandinavian vibe to it. Nothing on this H&M wishlist is breaking any moulds - I am happy to embrace the fact I am following a crowd here - but the way I see it they are styles that are tried and tested.

My favourite pics here are the gold basket and C'est La Vie cushion. I love a good basket and imagine one in my future bathroom brimming with LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars. H&M's basket selection is really top notch and have a slight industrial touch about them (which is another home style I find myself gravitating towards).

Have you had a recent browse of H&M's home ware section?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Music | Married to the Music

Nothing But Thieves at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
I'm at that dreaded point in university when people ask me what I want to do afterwards and I'm expected to have an actual, proper answer. Though I'm not sure on the specifics (though show me an English/Film student who knows exactly what they want) it's become even clearer to me in the past few months and weeks that if I can't work in music then I'm not sure what I'd ever want to do. The reason for this? Well, basically a string of fantastic live shows that have got me all giddy with purpose.

I am not a musician. I have tried and failed to learn guitar, drums, keyboard and bass and it is clear that I just do not have the patience or motivation to learn to play an instrument. That being said, I'm very good at listening to music and am happy to utilise that in whatever way possible! At this point I probably just sound like any other young adult moaning about how much they love music and that it's the biggest part of their life, but this is about where KUBE, the biggest drain on my energy of the past two years, comes in.

Being elected Head of Music for KUBE was probably the best and worst thing that could have ever happened to me. Given that it takes up around 10 hours of my week just to keep on top of the basics it's a wonder I actually manage to get any of my degree done, yet somehow it's happening and I've interviewed and seen incredible artists I would never have considered before. As frustrated as it can be when no one else wants to interview people they've never heard of, I've gained more experience this year than any internship could provide me and the opportunity is something I'm always going to be grateful for.

Though next year is a worrying prospect, with the two biggest parts of my life (uni and KUBE) being taken out of the equation, I'm optimistic about the future. I think I've given myself the best chance I have at getting a job in the field I want and am prepared to give everything I can to make it happen. I'm actually really looking forward to the brief void of writing for fun and would love to get into gig photography with the spare time I will hopefully have. It's like one song is about to end and another is just starting and honestly? I can't wait. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Life | Feeling 22

Sausage Dog Card!
This year, my birthday was just another day. It's not that I'm a miserable grump who didn't want to do anything, I'm just extremely poor and have a lot of work on at the moment and, seeing as most of my friends are in the same position, it was easier to not do anything much at all than make a big embarrassing deal out of it you know?

That said, I know people are nosey so here's what I did/got. From my lovely mum I received two things I have wanted for a very long time, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream and a Fujifilm Instant camera. The perfume has been spritzed liberally but I'm being careful with the camera as the film is damn expensive. My brother gave me the Music Listography book which will be keeping me busy for a long time and Whelan's mum gave me a washbag with a gorgeous Labrador puppy on it along with some chocolate which was eaten long before I could take a picture! My good friend Jamie also got me a couple of things (which was very unnecessary!) which made me smile; a candle (because he has noted the recent candle obsession) a really cool Alice in Wonderland mug and some Chorley cakes (where he's from - apparently all towns up north have their own cake).

If anyone is in need of a birthday cake I would recommend going for one of ASDA's giant cupcakes. I had the millionaires one and it tasted so good my heart goes all of a flutter when I think of it. My mum actually forgot to get any cake candles so she instead lit a fat, normal candle and let it burn next to the cake - ever the comedienne is my mother!

Next year will be a different story - I'll be seeing in 23 with fireworks, bangin' tunes and copious amounts of vodka but right now I'm more focused on uni to be too fussed about things like birthdays. I had a nice day of doing nothing which is good enough for me (plus one of my lectures was cancelled so I had a birthday lie in - score!)

I think I'll sign off this little age update with my anthem for the next year. It's only appropriate really.